About Us

The story of WEEFUN 3D printers began with a few friends who loved tinkering with technology, exploring the possibilities of the future, and challenging themselves to create something extraordinary.
These friends started by building 3D printers in their spare time, refining their design and testing different materials until they were able to produce a reliable and efficient 3D printing solution. After months of hard work, they launched the WEEFUN 3D Printer – a 3D printer that is easy to use, affordable and offers high-quality prints.
 Since the launch of WEEFUN 3D printers, the team has worked continuously to improve the design and the technology, striving to make 3D printing more accessible and reliable for everyone. At WEEFUN, we believe in the power of creativity and weare passionate about helping people unlock their full potential.
Today, WEEFUN 3D printers have become a trusted partner for 3D printing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and more. Join us in our mission to make 3D printing accessible and easy for everyone.
This is the story of WEEFUN 3D printers – from a small idea to something bigger, from a passionate dream to a reliable 3D printing solution.